Custom Cradle Racking to Create additional Floor Space

Purdy Company supports several nationwide distribution and industrial companies.  A cable and wire distribution customer, with a location in Blacklick, OH reached out to Purdy Company for help in maximizing their warehouse floor space and storage.  An influx of large cable reels tied up valuable floor space and they needed a solution to get the reels off the ground and utilize the vertical space in their distribution facility.  After conducting a site visit, Purdy Company partnered with MECO (Modern Equipment Company) to engineer a custom pallet rack solution.

To accommodate the reels and more efficiently use the warehouse floor space Purdy Company used structural pallet rack. Custom cradles and 104’’ structural C-channel beams allowed forklifts enough room to move and store the material.  A total of (12) bays of structural racking were installed by Purdy’s installation services team. This allows the customer to accommodate up to 100 cable reels.  Further, the client’s ceiling height exceeded 20′. This allowed the use of 42’’deep x 16’ high uprights, creating the much-needed warehouse floor space.  The solution provided by Purdy Company is now being implemented across the customer’s nationwide footprint.  The next custom pallet rack project will be installed by our crews in Kansas City, MO.

Purdy Company is the premium supplier of pallet racking since 1950

Purdy Company, founded in Columbus, OH in 1950, is the leader in both selective and structural pallet rack solutions. From standard tear-drop pallet rack to custom pallet flow applications, Purdy Company takes the time to understand the needs of our customers. Warehouse and industrial floor space is valuable and utilizing a specific racking system provides huge benefits for our customers. Additionally, our trusted manufacturing partners engineer the best, most cost-effective solution.

Having in-house installation services sets Purdy Company apart from the competition. Our teams are familiar with each and every project, from start to finish.  This lets our customers know they are getting superior installation and assembly work every time we set foot in their facility.

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