Purdy Company was contracted to design and install WireCrafters wire partition lockers.

Purdy Company designed, sourced, and installed WireCrafters wire partition lockers for an assisted living facility in the Dayton, Ohio area. This project involved a new construction build with a firm and tight installation schedule. The customer needed a secure and durable solution to create storage lockers they rent to their tenants. Purdy has worked with this construction company for many years, and they turned to us to provide the best value option. We scheduled a site visit with the construction team and walked the project, discussed their needs, and discussed the available options for wire partitions.

The solution the customer needed had to be low maintenance, high quality, and affordable. After discussing the options, the customer chose a WireCrafters wire partition consisting of 10GA welded wire with 2” x 2” wire mesh panels, no ceilings, 7’ 6” wall height, and 3’ hinge doors with a pad lock hasp. The wire partition has a gray powder coat finish. One of the best things about the WireCrafters solution is that it is fully customizable, high quality, and reasonably priced.

A picture of WireCrafters wire partition installed by Purdy Company

Purdy Company is the preferred supplier of WireCrafters wire partitions

Purdy Company, founded in 1950, is the preferred distributor partner for WireCrafters in Ohio. We are the leader in the design, supply, and installation of wire partitions, lockers, and storage units. We have 3 install crews employed directly by Purdy that have been installing wire partition for over 30 years. We have worked with every style and type of wire partition and run into every issue on the job site. No two jobs are the same, and our vast experience allows us to meet your project schedule, quality, budget.

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