Lyon Collegiate Lockers for an Athletic Team’s Locker Room

Purdy Company designed, provided, and installed Collegiate Metal Lockers from Lyon for a boy’s and girl’s athletic locker room. A school in South Charleston, Ohio came to Purdy to design and installed new metal lockers for their athletes. The customer required 24” wide by 21” deep by 72” high lockers. Each locker had a lockable compartment in the upper storage shelf, and a sloped hood. They painted the lockers in their schools red color, and used open faced lockers to help with air flow. Additionally, the athletes needed a place to rest their equipment and sit before and after the game, so Purdy installed wooden benches running along the lockers for the players to use. Each of the lockable compartments came with a pad lock hasp for the players to securely store their valuables.

This is just one example of metal lockers. There are many styles and sizes of lockers, and even more options to customize to your exact needs. No matter your needs, Purdy Company is here to help you find the perfect solution.

A picture of red metal lockers in an athletic locker room

Purdy Company is the premium supplier of lockers since 1950

Purdy Company, founded in 1950, is the leader in planning, designing, and installing metal lockers. With over 70 years of experience, we help you remove old worn out lockers, make repairs to your existing lockers, and get you new lockers to take your athletic facilities to the next level. We will create the perfect locker for your needs with 100’s of options to choose from. Don’t waste time or get overwhelmed with all the options. Purdy is your partner in lockers!

Lead times for lockers can range from a few weeks up to 20 weeks depending on the type of locker and current demand and material supplies.

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